What Is Net Relationship Value?

What is a total relationship balance?

The calculation of Total Relationship Balance is the total assets that a Customer maintained with the Bank, regardless it is solely or jointly owned by the Customer..

Which account is best for salary?

The following is the list of best 5 salary accounts available in India:Kotak Platina Salary Account.SBI Corporate Salary Package.HDFC Bank Classic Salary Account.Citibank Suvidha Salary Account.Axis Bank Prime Salary Account.

Which bank is better HDFC or Citibank?

In terms of efficiency, despite being one of the most profitable banks in the country, HDFC bank still languishes compared to Citigroup….LIVE NOW: Watch Richa Reveal Details of her No.1 Stock Pick for 2021…for FREE.ParticularsCitibankHDFC BankProfits per employee2.560.96 more rows•Jun 24, 2003

What is a relationship balance bank?

‘Total Average Monthly Relationship Balance’ is the sum of the average monthly balances of each product in your SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA accounts, and is the standard used to determine eligibility for a waiver of the account maintenance fee or for discount fee services.

What is HSBC Jade client?

HSBC Jade is designed for our most valued clients. As a Jade client, you’ll have access to HSBC’s experienced Jade Relationship Managers and superior banking services. Jade not only offers you unique benefits, but also enhances your current banking relationship allowing you to focus on what matters the most to you.

Why reimbursement account is required?

Reimbursement Account is beneficial as it enables you to separate your regular monthly salary from the monthly reimbursements you receive from your company Which will help you in tracking your incomes. As reimbursement account is a current account so it is a non-interest bearing account.

What is Citibank minimum balance?

Basic Account Maintain a $1,500 combined average monthly balance in your Citibank accounts. Make one qualifying direct deposit plus one qualifying bill payment per statement period.

Is Citibank good for salary account?

The Citibank Suvidha Salary Account is a good, stable and secure account to have as a salary account. It brings you several advantages, not the least of which is the advantage of anytime/anywhere banking with Citi’s digital platforms.

What is reimbursement account?

A Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), also known as a health reimbursement arrangement, is an IRS-approved, tax-advantaged, health benefit plan that reimburses employees for out-of-pocket medical expenses and individual health insurance premiums.

What is HSBC Jade?

HSBC Jade is designed to help you make the most of life’s most precious moments. Wherever your financial journey takes you, your dedicated Jade Wealth Manager is here to provide you with the very best in personalised service. Their focus is to free up your time and help fulfil your personal and financial goals.

What is total relationship balance HSBC?

What is Total Relationship Balance? Based on the rolling average Total Relationship Balance, it determines what level of bonus interest on Hong Kong dollar savings accounts and below balance fee of HSBC Premier you can enjoy. … Life insurance with savings or investment component.

What is Citibank reimbursement account?

Employee Reimbursement Account (ERA) ERA is offered only if you hold a Citibank Suvidha Corporate Salary Account. You may contact your Human Resource or Payroll department to check the corporate tie-up or to obtain the contact details of our Corporate Relationship Managers.

How is total relationship value calculated?

Through the “Total Relationship Value” Plan, we will automatically calculate an integrated relationship value for all savings and current account customers by adding up the balance of your accounts with us, including deposits, investments, loans, credit cards, mortgages and the cash value of insurance.

Which is best private bank?

List of Top 10 Best Private Banks in IndiaHDFC Bank. HDFC Bank is the Largest Private Banks in India by Total sales during the Year. … ICICI Bank. ICICI Bank is a leading private Bank in India. … Axis Bank Ltd. … Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. … IndusInd Bank Ltd. … Yes Bank Ltd. … Federal Bank Ltd. … IDFC First Bank Ltd.More items…•

What is NRV in banking?

Net Relationship Value (NRV) is an aggregate of the average value of certain relationships you hold with us, calculated on a monthly basis. It not only considers the savings balance in your account but also includes your fixed deposits (FD’s), investments & insurance policies taken through Citibank.

What is an asterisk free checking account?

A Checking Account, Free from Minimum Balances. Asterisk-Free Checking is free to open and offers rewarding benefits. … No minimum balance requirement. More time to fix an overdraft with 24-Hour Grace.

What is the minimum balance in Citibank India?

The minimum amount required for opening Savings Account in Citibank is Rs. 25,000.

Is salary account safe?

The answer is : YES. Having more than 1 account is always advisable. … If you keep all your money in Salary account, which is having a Debit card and Internet banking facility, there is very high chance of spending more money. So to keep unnecessary expenses in check, you should have more than 1 account.

Can I open zero balance account in Citibank?

There is no minimum relationship value requirement to be maintained in these accounts. Key Salient Features of Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account: No minimum balance requirement. Free ATM/Debit card with daily transaction limit of Rs 10,000 across ATM and Point of Sale (on stores/ retail outlets)

Is Citibank a good bank?

You should consider Citibank if you prefer extensive ATM and branch accessibility, both domestically and abroad. Citibank will also serve you better if you’re looking for a big bank with higher rates. Chase, however, may be a better option for you if branch accessibility and a great mobile app are a priority.

What is total relationship value?

The Total Relationship Balance of your sole account will include the balances from your related joint accounts. … Total Relationship Balance includes: – Credit Balances for demand deposit accounts, time deposits and Dual Currency Plus (DCP).