Who Bought The 75 Million Dollar House?

Did they sell the 75 million house?

Selling Sunset Season 3 was filmed in fall 2019, and now nearly a year later, the house is still for sale—and still on offer for $75 million.

The house, at 1021 N.

Beverly Drive, is currently still for sale on The Oppenheim Group website..

Who bought the 75 million dollar house on selling sunset?

Adnan SenOne of the most jaw-dropping houses on the show is owned by Turkish property developer Adnan Sen in Beverly Hills. It’s certainly pretty amazing, with seven bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and one of the biggest swimming pools in the neighbourhood, but the $75 million price tag is shocking nevertheless.

Who bought the $40 million dollar house?

Jason OppenheimJason Oppenheim sold the luxury property and earned himself a whopping $1.2million commission.

Did Davina sell the 80 million dollar house?

Boss Jason Oppenheim wasn’t so optimistic about the listing, though, doubting it would sell and insisting the mansion was way too overpriced. Alas, Davina was determined to prove him wrong and decided to use her contacts and hopefully sell the house. Well, onto Season 3 and the house still hadn’t sold.